The Franck Cassé establishment is specialized since 1993 in the sale and rental of trucks across Europe.

You will find here a great selection of brands and models of truck trailers, semi-trailers, tractors, carriers... ... and over the years we are also at your service for cars and motor boats.

The satisfaction of our customers and employees is at the centre of our concerns. We ensure the quality of the material and a large selection of new vehicles and opportunities for all budgets.



With its 33 years of experience in the sector of vehicles for the carriage of animals living, Pezzaioli was able to develop and refine its products throughout the years.

This dynamic Italian company has to demonstrate its value and the quality of its semi trailers.

More than 17 years we work hand in hand with this company to satisfy our customers and provide the best reference that exists on the market of the transport of livestock.